Kathy Nelson

Kathy is a transplant to the Midwest. In 2016, she and her husband, Steve, moved to Akron, Indiana from Washington state in response to God's call for Kathy to be the lead pastor at the Akron Church of God. This has been an adventure and a season of exponential spiritual growth. 

One of her passions is helping people see themselves the way God sees them. Walking with others on this journey of becoming who God created them to be is an honor and privilege. It is a beautiful thing to watch this unfold in the life of someone who has lived with a marred image of themselves, often for far too long. She knows what it is to lose your identity in the things you do and accomplish. She continues on this journey herself...becoming who she was created to be; seeing herself the way God sees her; and realizing who she is in Christ is more important than anything she can accomplish.

"I have always been a doer. My value lay in what I could accomplish or how much I could do for others. Over the past few years, God has shown me that this is upside down. He says my value lies in the heart of the One who created me and no where else. I am slowly believing this and it is changing how I live my life. Your identity has very little to do with what you accomplish and everything to do with the God who created you. He sees you first and what you do second. He says, "I see you and I love the you that I see."

Kathy and Steve have two grown sons, a beautiful daughters-in-law, one adorable granddaughter and a grandson on the way.

Mandy Nellans

In 2015, Mandy married Marc, who had lost his wife following the birth of their fourth child. Becoming an instant mom to four and a wife brought many challenges and much joy to her heart. In October of 2017, Marc and Mandy welcomed Thea Grace. She is a gift from God and has completed their family. They live in Indiana with their five beautiful children. In the summer of 2017 Mandy came on staff at the Akron Church of God in Akron, Indiana. She is currently serving as the Family Life Director.

God has given Mandy a beautiful gift from a very young age of touching the hearts of people and bringing healing from the inside out. She will tell you, she is living proof of what God is capable of restoring. She has walked with God from childhood, but like so many strayed away, getting lost in poor choices and life altering circumstances. God didn't just bring her out, He brought her through, and has placed a desire in her heart to carry His love and bring a message of hope that no one is too far gone to be reached and refined by the powerful grace of God.

"I am living proof that no matter what stage or season you are in God will unleash healing to your heart in the most unexpected way. Bringing hope and causing you to rise up as the masterpiece you were created to be. Life is an adventure. We all are on different journeys, have made different mistakes and experience different victories. But one thing we have in common is our need for God's love. I believe God doesn't give us the life we can always handle, but a destiny that will challenge and grow us. Although He has fully equipped us for each day, learning to stretch beyond our own strength brings us to a deeper dependence on Him. Because we are not just called, we are chosen."